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     SITI同轴式斜齿轮betway必威 HL-MHL-MHLC 总述机身外型由电脑辅助设计完成,最现代化的检测技术计算的。产品的结构适用于广泛电机装配。使用和安装具有多功能性和适用性。产品有如此高的质量是由于采用了专门针对使所有性能参数都保持一致性的技术,以及产品的制作,加工和成品的严密质量检验。齿轮所有的齿轮都是采用硬化钢(Mn2,Cr5或具有相同强度或硬度的材料)制造,过程为表面硬化, 淬火,重压,以保证产品能在高强度负载下正常运作及保证它的抗磨损性。轮齿的精确修整与轮齿间的吻合度,确保产品能达到最大性能。 减速比减速比有二级减速和三级减速,前者速比为2:1—50:1,后者速比为2:1—50:1—460:1。 运行特征它具有高效性,而且适合高速输入运行,也适合急加速和瞬间制动,此外,它的反冲也得到减小,这都源于结构的紧密性,轴与轴座之间的高度吻合性,以及齿轮的精确制造和装配。产品的原材料和热处理都是最好的,这才能保证betway必威的最佳运行和使用寿命。除了20号的机箱是用压铸铝制造的,其它的都是用高强度灰铸铁(按照UNI5007标准的G25)制造。输出轴是用Cr4,Mo4淬火钢或是其它具有相同特质的材料制造。 外负载,效率,运行状态该产品在任何运行状态下都为无声,无震动。不管是径向的后轴向betway必威都能承受高强度的外负载。动态效率非常高,二级减速达97%,三级减速达95.5%。在恶劣条件下,同样能正常运行,betway必威的寿命也很理想。 性能参数输入功率 0.09KW—200KW输出扭矩 21 Nm—12000Nm 减速比 4.32:1—464.96:1
     SITI S.p.A., founded in 1967, is presently consolidated with its two plants in Monteveglio (BO) in an area of more than 17,000 sqmtrs wherein the whole production process takes place. The manufacturing process benefits by a series of machining centers and robotized isles in which the automation reaches a level of excellence. The production process is supported by an impressive number of the latest generation machine tools of very high flexibility and reliability: these two elements and the fact that the entire manufacturing processes are carried out internally enables the company to operate with an effective and constant level of quality control. SITI’s main investment is not only concentrated on machinery but also focused towards people: with growing frequency young students receive trainings during and at the end of their school careers. The open-mindedness of SITI allows these students to gain early experience of a working environment within the company and afterwards gives them further opportunities.



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