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SITI S.p.A., founded in 1967, is presently consolidated with its two plants in Monteveglio (BO) in an area of more than 17,000 sqmtrs wherein the whole production process takes place. The manufacturing process benefits by a series of machining centers and robotized isles in which the automation reaches a level of excellence. The production process is supported by an impressive number of the latest generation machine tools of very high flexibility and reliability: these two elements and the fact that the entire manufacturing processes are carried out internally enables the company to operate with an effective and constant level of quality control. SITI’s main investment is not only concentrated on machinery but also focused towards people: with growing frequency young students receive trainings during and at the end of their school careers. The open-mindedness of SITI allows these students to gain early experience of a working environment within the company and afterwards gives them further opportunities.




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